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Real Estate Mogul Benaisha Pool-Watson | COME CORRECT PODCAST E18

June 15, 2022 Obi Chukwumah / Benaisha Pool-Watson Season 1 Episode 18
Come Correct Podcast | Commercial Banking Education For Entrepreneurs
Real Estate Mogul Benaisha Pool-Watson | COME CORRECT PODCAST E18
Show Notes

In the latest episode of the Come Correct Podcast, host Obi Chukwumah was privileged to have a conversation with a true real estate mogul in Benaisha Pool-Watson. They talked about real estate being the best avenue to become a millionaire, educating the Black families about wealth creation, connecting Black Americans to Africa, and the late 90s Hip-Hop and R&B era. 

Benaisha has been officially named the #2 Realtor in Dallas TX, #19 in the State of Texas, Top 100 Real Estate Agent in the United States of America, and Top 1% in the Nation. With over 400 homes sold a year, Benaisha has been recognized by Black Enterprise and Forbes. She is a Real Estate Investor, Developer, and Builder of Custom Homes and also the Owner of The Bailey Watson Real Estate Group with licensed Agents across the nation, and the Owner of her own Federally Chartered Bank operating as a Direct Lender - Prime One Home Loans.

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0:00 - Introduction 
0:30 - Benaisha’s transition into real estate 
2:00 - Real Estat is the best avenue to become a millionaire 
3:43 - I also own a bank
4:00 - How will increased inflation plus a possible recession affect the real estate market
7:10 - Will people be able to afford the increasing cost of real estate
8:45 - If you’re not a homeowner then you are in jeopardy 
10:00 - Educating Black families about wealth creation 
12:20 - How do we connect Black Americans to Africa
15:00 - What were you listening to in the late ’90s 
19:20 - Benaisha was in a Jay Z video!
20:04 - Benaisha’s journey from Los Angeles to Dallas 
21:00 - Navigating being a successful Entrepreneur 
23:00 - How can you connect with Benaisha 
23:25 - How can Benaisha and her team help you 

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